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Our Services

Janus Analytics provides a range of bespoke customer analytics solutions. These are designed to implement sophisticated marketing science with actionable intelligence that drives customer intimacy and provides differentiated experiences.

Analytics Strategy

Provides a roadmap to analytics maturity

Every business needs a strategy before they embark on their analytics journey.

Primary Research

Your customers first hand accounts

We build our analytics solutions based on what your customers say and do.

Psychographic Segmentation

Understand your customers individually

Other segmentation systems make broad assumptions based on postcode. We use data at an individual level to truly provide a personal experience.

Predictive Modelling

Know when your customers will churn

Change reactive marketing to proactive marketing. Predictive models allow you to speak to the right customers with the right message. We gaurantee an increase in conversion.

Implementation and Maintenance

Analytics must live and breath

Any analytics solution dies without the proper implementation and maintenance. Our solutions are bespoke, ensuring seamless integration with your systems and not "another platform".

Database Enhancement

Don't have the data? We can help!

We leverage sophisticated data collection strategies and third party data partners to improve the amount of information you have on your customers.

Our Results

Results from previous work highlight the immense value our work can bring. Transforming your organization’s customer relationship management improves the bottom line exponentially. ROI projections demonstrate just how quickly this investment is recouped and growing value is continually reaped.

Customer Churn Predicted
Cross Sell Improved
Acquisition Improved

Our Work

Industry Super Fund

Janus developed a psychographic segmentation model and targeted marketing system to allow the fund to have personal relationships with its broad member base.

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Janus developed a comprehensive client and prospect segmentation model that could be utilized at all levels of the organisation.

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What we do

What Our Clients Say

We value our partnerships with our clients. We believe in developing growth parnerships rather than one off pieces of research.

Our Team

Janus Analytics brings together a range of highly skilled professionals from multiple disciplines.

Our Insights

Janus is at the cutting edge of Artificial Intelligence and analytics within financial services. Here are our latest insights.

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